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4 Ice Cream Float Recipes for July 4

Ah, there’s nothing like the cool and refreshing taste of a classic root beer float in the summer.Root Bear Float

It’s easy to make, too! Just chill a mug, load it up with scoops of Pierre’s French Vanilla Ice Cream, and pour ice cold root beer until the mug is ¾ of the way full.

Some float lovers sip the foamy, creamy goodness from a straw, while others use a spoon … but everyone smiles!

Root beer and vanilla ice cream aren’t the only staple ingredients for a fabulous float dessert. Try these cool combinations:

Cream Soda Float

Use cream soda or cream ale along with vanilla ice cream for a sweet twist on the original.

Orange Cream Pop Float

Looking for something different, but just as refreshing? Pour your favorite brand of orange soda (or as we call it, pop) over vanilla ice cream, and enjoy the flavor of one of your favorite childhood ice cream novelties.

Chocolate Cherry Cola Float

Who could resist this one … your favorite cherry cola over rich Chocolate Ice Cream?

Raspberry Sorbet and Ginger Beer Float

If there are any foodies in your family, step up your gourmet game with this creative concoction that pairs sweet, yet tangy, Raspberry Sorbet with spicy ginger beer. For a creamier consistency, use Pierre’s Raspberry Sherbet instead.

Ray’s Root Beer FloatRay's Root Beer Float

For an easy way to enjoy the taste of a root beer float this summer, try our Ray’s Root Beer Float™ Smooth Churned Light. Inspired by Pierre’s 40-year, veteran lead-flavor man, this flavor combines smooth vanilla ice cream with a root beer swirl. Best of all, Pierre’s Smooth Churned Light Ice Cream lineup offers half the fat and 30 percent fewer calories than regular ice cream.

At Pierre’s Ice Cream Company, we make the most irresistible premium ice creams and frozen treats fresh every day using the highest quality ingredients sourced from all over the world.

Check out our more than 235 different products and great-tasting flavors – from indulgent, super premium ice cream to delicious probiotic frozen yogurt to refreshing pure fruit sherbet and more.

It’s our desire to delight you with every spoonful. Learn more about Pierre’s.

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