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Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with the Delightful Dozen Flavors

yovation-vanilla-pomegranate-blueberryThose of us at Pierre’s Ice Cream Company believe that every day is National Ice Cream Day, but for almost 20 years, the third Sunday in July has been designated as such. And in 1984, President Ronald Reagan declared the whole month of July as National Ice Cream Month, too.

We’re celebrating National Ice Cream Month this year by shining the spotlight on 12 of our favorite flavors – a scrumptious sampling of some of our most popular brands, from the fun and fruity ¡Hola Fruta!® Pure Fruit Sherbet to the indulgent varieties of Pierre’s Signature Ultimate Ice Cream to the rich, creamy and lower in fat Yovation® Probiotic Frozen Yogurt.

We’re calling this beautiful batch of frozen treats our Delightful Dozen. Although more than 235 products bear the Pierre’s name, we’ve selected these 12 to show off our commitment to producing only the finest, freshest creations that delight with every spoonful.

Best of all, these varieties are available in select stores across the United States. So whether you’re into mango, mocha mud pie or Moose Tracks®, do your part for National Ice Cream Month and pick up a pint today!

hola-fruta-mango¡Hola Fruta!® Pure Fruit Sherbet

¡Hola Fruta!® (Spanish for “Hello Fruit!) is not your ordinary sherbet! Made with generous amounts of antioxidant-rich fruits and real fruit purees, ¡Hola Fruta!® Pure Fruit Sherbet is a creamy, refreshing treat that is naturally low in fat and cholesterol.

pierres-mocha-mud-piePierre’s Signature Ultimate Ice Cream

Pierre’s Signature Ultimate Ice Cream is an indulgent line of ice cream that contains only the finest, freshest ingredients and no artificial ingredients or colors.

yovation-butter-pecanYovation® Probiotic Frozen Yogurt

Your favorite ice cream flavors made better for you! Each pint of Yovation® Probiotic Frozen Yogurt is made with the very finest ingredients, live and active yogurt cultures and the superior probiotic culture, GanedenBC30®. With less fat than regular ice cream, Yovation® Probiotic Frozen Yogurt is a delicious, satisfying dessert alternative.

At Pierre’s Ice Cream Company, we make the most irresistible premium ice creams and frozen treats fresh every day using the highest quality ingredients sourced from all over the world.

Check out our more than 235 different products and great-tasting flavors – from indulgent, super premium ice cream to delicious probiotic frozen yogurt to refreshing pure fruit sherbet and more.

It’s our desire to delight you with every spoonful. Learn more about Pierre’s.

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