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Welcome to Pierre's state-of-the-art ice cream factory

It's almost time

Pierre's State of the Art Ice Cream FactoryPierre's Ice Cream Company's brand new 35,000 square foot ice cream factory is busy making batch after batch of the same creamy frozen treats that have delighted our fans for almost 80 years

More Pierre's Ice Cream, please!

Everyone here is pretty excited, especially our experienced crew of ice cream makers. Some have been making Pierre's ice cream for decades. With shiny new machines and state-of-the-art equipment at their disposal in our custom-designed factory, Pierre's will now be able to churn out many more scoops of the creamiest and most delicious ice creams imaginable and offer new products to customers.

Pierre's State of the Art Ice Cream Factory

Only the best

We decked out our production room with top-quality ice cream making equipment and designed everything to enhance product quality, maximize food safety, increase efficiency and promote sustainability. Pierre's is not only able to produce more of the best ice creams, sherbets, sorbets and frozen yogurts around, but provide additional capacity, flexibility and creative new offerings.

Sustainability and efficiency

Sustainability is an important initiative at Pierre's Ice Cream Company. Our buildings and processes are designed to conserve energy and water consumption while reducing waste. Many energy saving features in our new factory include:

Pierre's Capturing the hot and cold air created during the ice cream making process to heat and cool rooms in other parts of the building.
Pierre's Installing insulated panels to save on energy usage.
Pierre's Strategically placing windows and skylights to make use of natural light.
Pierre's Using motion sensors and timers to make sure the lights are on only when rooms are in use.
Pierre's Optimizing utility consumption through programmable equipment control panels.
Pierre's Installing pumps and equipment controls designed to reduce water consumption and process waste.
Pierre's Instituting a recycling program for corrugated packaging.
Pierre's State of the Art Ice Cream Factory

How cool is that?

Well, minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact. That's the temperature inside Pierre's brand new hardening room freezer. One of the coolest—literally—features of our new factory, a container of ice cream will enter the freezer and travel up and down two giant towers covering a distance approaching a half a mile. This journey is an important step, sealing in Pierre's signature freshness and contributing to its creamy smooth taste. The entire assembly took weeks to put together and involved thousands of parts!

Pierre's and Cleveland

Pierre's State of the Art Ice Cream FactoryPierre's Ice Cream Company is and always has been a proud citizen of the City of Cleveland...and why not, we were born here! Though Pierre's has grown, moved and expanded many times during almost 80 years in business, we have always remained a part of the community. We're proud to call Cleveland our home and are grateful to all the many generations of Pierre's fans at home and abroad for making Pierre's their ice cream!

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