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What's Up with Pierre Bear?

Pierre Bear Biography:

  • Age
    Pierre Bear doesn't have a specified age, but his birthday falls on National Ice Cream Day (3rd Sunday in July) every year.
  • Residence
    Pierre Bear resides in the freezer at Pierre's Ice Cream Company at 6200 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44103-3724, USA.
  • Current Vehicle
    A Pierre's ice cream truck, of course!
  • Attire
    Pierre Bear wears a black beret, a red and white striped bowtie and a red smock coat!
  • Outstanding Physical Characteristics
    Pierre Bear has bright eyes, an inviting smile and a cute rotund body! Pierre Bear doesn't speak—his animated gestures say it all!
  • Personality Traits
    Pierre Bear is very confident, happy and proud to be a bear. Fans love Pierre Bear's honesty, cuteness and his friendliness. People also love him because he is fun and loves to share his ice cream.
  • Mannerisms
    Pierre Bear has a very special way of greeting people with the Pierre Bear double-handed kiss. He loves hugs and will do anything to get one!
  • Good Habits
    Pierre Bear's good habits include his tendency to make shy observers comfortable, his love for dancing and his warm, endearing charm. Pierre Bear loves everybody! He is always in a good mood and in high spirits. He manages to put a smile on everyone's face!
  • Education
    Pierre Bear attended a very prestigious culinary school, with a major in ice cream production (and a minor in ice cream consumption). Pierre Bear wants kids to go to school and do their homework!
  • Favorite Book
    Pierre Bear's favorite book is his version of the Three Bears: Papa Bear's ice cream was too hard, Mama Bear's ice cream was too soft, but Baby Bear's ice cream was just right!
  • Music Preference
    Pierre Bear loves music of all kinds, especially rock-n-roll!
  • Most Important Thing in Life
    Pierre Bear treasures his special ice cream recipes and all of his special friends.
  • Best Kept Secret
    Pierre Bear has never told anyone exactly how much ice cream he really eats each day!
  • Beliefs
    Pierre Bear believes in sharing and honesty. He shares his ice cream with everyone, and he is honest and truthful with everyone.
  • Philosophy of Life
    Live one day at a time and have fun doing it!

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