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Pierre's Ice Cream
Pierre's Ice Cream
Pierre's Ice Cream
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Retail Multi-Packs

Product Pack Size
Crunch Bars - Chocolate 6
Crunch Bars - Strawberry 6
Fudge Bars 6
Ice Cream Bars 6
Ice Cream Sandwiches 6
Premium Sundae Cones (Vanilla) 6
Premium Sundae Cones (Vanilla with Fudge Swirl, Vanilla with Carmel Swirl) 6
Slide-Ups® Orange Sherbet Treat 6
No Sugar Added Reduced Fat Ice Cream Sandwiches 10
All American Pops 12
Banana Buddies® Ice Pops 12
Fudge Pops 12
Ice Cream Pops 12
Ice Cream Sandwiches 12
No Sugar Added Fudge Pops 12
Sugar Free Ice Pops 12
Twin Pops (Cherry, Grape, Orange) 12
Dixie Cups - Vanilla 12
Dixie Cups - Chocolate 12
Cream Pops (Cherry, Grape, Orange) 20
Ice Pops (Cherry, Grape, Orange) 20
Juice Pops (Lime, Orange, Raspberry) 20

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